Ability to scale easily

Pre-loaded franchise library:

If your franchisor is already in our system, then you may already have library of all of the franchiser required documents & forms.

Easy-to-create custom library:

Each owner/ business admin can also create his/her own custom library of operational standards (‘templates’) using ComplianSer™’s easy-to-use template creation wizard. A custom template can be created from your existing PDF documents as quickly as three minutes.

Rolling out ComplianSer™ takes less than an hour.   To begin, owners / business admins assign each template to a department (e.g. ‘therapist’) and employment stage (e.g. ‘Prospect,’ ‘Hire,’ ‘Manage,’ ‘Retire’).  Next, they enter employees into the system and define their role and employment stage; currently compliant employees can be fast-tracked into the system.  ComplianSer™ will then automatically assign the appropriate templates to individual employees.

Importantly, existing employees who are already compliant can be set-up using the “fast-track” feature (under 2 minutes per employee). For security purposes, this feature is available only for users that have Company Administrator privileges. You can always manually assign a particular template to a current employees.

Your company operational standards are now on Autopilot!

Going forward, when a new candidate is hired, ComplianSer™ applies all the required requirements templates to the prospective employee based on the department and location. Until the employee completes a template (fill, sign, read, acknowledge, upload a document), the employee will not be moved into active stage.

In the exact same manner, all compliance requirements are automatically enforced for all the new locations which will also inherit the common departments. So expansion requires zero efforts from the management.

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