Rolling Out ComplianSerTM

Making the switch. Once you are signed up, you need to get ComplainSer rolled out across your organization, quickly and efficiently. The minimal time and effort to get you started will keep your business compliant moving forward.

ComplianSerTM is designed with an intuitive interface for easy implementation. Click on the “Support” icon located on the top right corner once logged in and you can browse through knowledge base articles.  

Moving from paper-based processes to paperless process can be a significant change for an organization, whether your company is big or small. It requires deliberate actions that specifically include Communication and Consistency, without which even the best management teams may revert to the traditional paper-based processes out of comfort. Following below are a few best practice guidelines for a successful and easier implementation.


It is extremely important to let your team know that the change is coming. Start that communication as early as possible and let your team know what is coming. Frequent updates are a key element to getting buy-in from all Team Members.

Start by posting a company-wide short (no more than half page) memo that describes the fact that your company will be using ComplianSer to move to a paperless process with e-signatures for all employee document and credentials management such as,

• Certification & Credentials
• License & Permits
• Agreements
• Manuals & Procedures
• Policies & Protocols.

Do this now!

Communication must describe the benefits offered by ComplianSerTM

No more paper management

Automatic follow up

Removes the need for physical paper audit

Ease of staying in compliance

Immediate online access to all required documents and forms

Don’t forget to add that this makes the company “Greener and Earth-friendly”.
  1. Post this memo at various common places, not just in your office, enabling all employees’ exposure to the content easily. Common places include: Break room, lobby areas where employees first walk-in and clock-in, water cooler, coffee-machines etc.
  2. Encourage your team members to visit the ComplianSer website.
  3. Ensure that every employee understands clearly that they need to have a working personal email address and cellphone capable of receiving texts.
  4. Have your employees verify that they have access to their personal email. Let them know that they will get email alerts from “” for any documents for viewing, signing etc. For your employees that do not use emails regularly, you may need to help them to get personal email accounts available from gmail, yahoo etc. Clarify that the use of personal email and cellphone is for their security and authentication of their accounts only.
  5. Have Team or Group meetings to explain what it is that they should expect. Emphasize on key benefits as above. Give handout (“QRS 1b Getting Started on FOCUS451 user.pdf or admin.pdf” as per the user’s role in implementation).


Start the implementation in smaller groups:

  1. Begin with Management/lead employees, then sales employees and finally add other employees.
  2. Select and use 3-5 templates (refer to “QRS 2: All about templates.pdf”) for an initial training; templates such as:
  3. Employee Handbook
  4. Confidentiality Agreement
  5. Upload a permit/license/ID (if applicable)
  6. Other agreement/s such as code of conduct etc.
  7. Kick-off the roll-out first with all management employees in the system and have them complete their documents/forms based on the active templates
  8. Add (make active from libraries) other templates to get all management employees complete all of their documents.
  9. Ask each management/lead employee to have small 10 minute group meetings with other employees to go over what is expected from each employee.
  10. Handout “QRS 1 Getting Started on ComplianSer user.pdf”. To make the meetings more effective, have them walk through an actual document viewing or sign-in process.
  11. In case you are hiring new employees during this transition, start them with ComplianSer right from the first day of employment.
The success of implementation will depend on conveying the real benefits of the digital transformation to each individual employee. Emphasize those at all times.

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