Apr 17, 2023

ComplianSer™ – FOCUS451™ Launches “Compliance-as-a-Service” to Eliminate Non-Compliance for Franchisors, PEOs and Enterprises

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FOCUS451 Launches “Compliance-as-a-Service” to Eliminate Non-Compliance for Franchisors, PEOs and Enterprises.

Sunnyvale, CA – FOCUS451 has announced the launch of “Compliance-as-a-Service” through its newly created brand “ComplianSer™.” This service will enable complex organizations such as franchise systems, HR service providers such as PEOs, and geographically dispersed enterprises to fully automate and offload their compliance processes.  By leveraging FOCUS451’s next generation compliance engine, ComplianSer™ enables executives to manage all of the compliance requirements with legally binding workflows.

“We created this initiative seeing the crucial need for maintaining compliance in today’s highly distributed workforce structures and the growing regulatory compliance requirements”, said Mandar Dange, founder and CEO of FOCUS451. “Compliance is an absolute necessity for preserving brand value of every business, but compliance management is generally not a core strength of most organizations nor do they have sufficient resources to dedicate to it. Routine HR tools do not cut through an organization’s operations while preserving privacy and they fail to provide real-time enforcement and alerts. So organizations don’t know what they don’t know. That is where the power of FOCUS451compliance engine comes in: Let us take care of your compliance as an extension of your compliance team”, said Dange.

Benefits to franchise systems: In addition to providing significant cost savings to franchisors, ComplianSer™ eliminates the joint-employer exposure, provides real-time visibility across the franchise network via the network dashboard, and automatically enforces of the necessary compliance requirements as defined by the franchisor’s operations and legal departments down to each location in a role-based fashion.

Benefits to HR service providers including PEOs: ComplianSerTM’s Compliance-as-a-Service enables PEOs to monitor the compliance of their entire client base, both at business level as well as at worksite employee (WSE) level. PEOs can offer FOCUS451™’s location compliance module as an OEM solution to all of its clients, keeping the entire PEO compliance on auto pilot. Payroll and other HR service providers can also leverage this newly created Compliance-as-a-Service in the similar way.

Benefits to enterprises: Enterprises can use ComplianSer™’s services to monitor and manage compliance for its geographically distributed operational staff. The 24×7 auto enforcement engine eliminates the unnecessary compliance burden, empowering executives to focus their key resources on business and revenue growth.

About FOCUS451

The mission of FOCUS451™ is to eliminate compliance risk for all businesses that include franchise systems, HR service providers and enterprises. FOCUS451™ is the trusted, leading provider of innovative, intuitive and affordable risk mitigation solutions founded by former multi-unit franchisee and serial entrepreneur, Mandar Dange.

For additional information, email ComplianSer@FOCUS451.com

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